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Now Seeing New Weight Loss Patients in PA & WV via TELEHEALTH

In the past we have temporarily offered to evaluate new patients for weight loss via telehealth, we are now bringing back these services to patients in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Since our schedule has stayed consistently full in Pittsburgh, Weirton, and Morgantown, our new patients have had to wait much longer than and we would like to extend telehealth services to ease the delays and have patients more quickly get started on a weight loss program. You may submit a request for telehealth services here: New Patient Telehealth for Weight Loss

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The Buddy Program is Back!

Buddy Weight Loss at Elevation

Bring a buddy with you to start or refill your monthly meds, HCG or Sermorelin and you each get $10 off your total price and a free B-12 for your visit!

You will get the discount every month when you bring a buddy!

Package must include Medications to qualify for a discount, B-shot only packages do not qualify