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Maria’s Weight Loss Journey

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I am first a mom. I was running a rat race of working, transporting kids, organizing at home, running a household, completing my workload; life. I’d forgotten about me. I looked in the full-length mirror one day and realized I needed a change. A big change… I wanted to resume a life that included ME… positivity for myself. I wanted to change the way I looked and I knew with that, I’d be empowered to know that I deserved that change. When I discovered Elevation Weight Loss, I was at the end of my personal confidence….it was all up from there!

I am now thinner and happier. I’m energized and evoked to stay the course. The course is easy to continue as the results are evident! Every day I am positive in my continued journey. With my weight loss, energy level, and continued confidence; I simply don’t waver. I have a goal in my life and the apparent accomplishment of it continues to hearten and fuel me on a daily basis.

Thank you, Elevation! I don’t like cliches and I’ve never believed in them until now; but I am new, changed, fresh, and WORTHY. With my personal goal achieved, I know I can do anything.

Go out there and grab your brass ring, you’ll be so proud of yourself. I am proud for the first time in a long time. The number on the scale is smaller, but my confidence is exponentially larger!

This program was truly the catalyst I needed to change physically; and, in turn; change internally. I am forever grateful.



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Stacey L.’s Weight Loss Story

Having had my oldest son 18 years ago, at age 20, I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. In March of this year, I’d had enough. I committed to attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. For the first couple of months, I did okay, I lost almost 10 pounds. I felt like it could, and should have been more; losing the 50+ pounds I needed to lose would take forever at that rate! I needed a boost. That’s when I heard, from a friend, about Elevation.

Since joining Elevation in June, I’ve lost 25 pounds and 4+ inches from my waistline. The different products and programs they offer and the ability to combine them, has been just the recipe that I needed to get me to my goal! I am so thankful for the friendly and knowledgeable staff that has helped me on my journey. For the first time in a long time, I am so close to my goal that it actually feels attainable!

-Stacey L.

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Nikki’s Weight Loss

It was the last week of April 2018 and it was my oldest daughter’s first holy communion and I went into my closet to find a dress to wear for her big day. There was nothing! Nothing fit! My weight gain was so gradual over the last four years and it hit me like a ton of bricks that day. I had a closet filled with beautiful clothes and nothing fit. I was wearing stretch pants and an oversized T-shirt. I had no energy to keep up with my two young daughters. I was stress eating all day and would wake up in the middle of the night and eat more. I knew that day that I didn’t want to go buy new bigger clothes and I wanted to run and play with my girls.

I called and made an appointment at Elevation Medical Weight Loss office. I weighed in on May 8, 2018, at 165 pounds and my waist was 32.5 inches. I started that day taking the supplements and I was no longer overeating and I had energy right from the beginning. I quickly started to feel like myself again. I was back to being the mommy that I wanted to be.

August 8, 2018, I weighed in at 147.6 pounds and my waist is 30 inches. I was happy again, my clothes in my closet fit and I was running and playing with my kids. Today I weigh 143 pounds and I am the thinnest I have ever been my whole life. I am not hungry, I have energy and it is all thanks to Elevation Medical Weight Loss. I am so thankful for the supplements and the easy weight loss plan. The staff is amazing and encouraging. I recommend Elevation Medical Weight loss to anyone who has weight to lose. It doesn’t matter if it is 100 pounds or 20 pounds this plan works and gives you your life back. Don’t wait any longer! Get your life back too!

Nikki, 38 years old, stay at home mom of two

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Allison’s Weight Loss Story

Eight months ago I couldn’t make it up the hill in my backyard without being completely out of breath. Fast forward to today, and I’m able to run 3 miles without feeling winded.

My name is Allison, and I’m a mother to 3 energetic young boys who keep me on my toes. Around Christmas time of 2017, I had a friend who said they were going to check out a weight loss clinic someone at work had talked about. It got my mind working, and I thought at this point I would give anything a shot. I was 26 years old, 182 pounds with a 35.5” waist. No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to lose the extra weight I was holding onto after giving birth to my boys.

The first time I walked into Elevation Weight Loss Clinic, I knew I’d made the right choice. The staff and Doctors are so friendly and knowledgeable. The clinic is kid-friendly and inviting. They got me set up with the right regimen to help me succeed, and I haven’t looked back. I started my new routine and was consistent, which really helped. One of my biggest hurdles was my overeating. The medicine given to me helped me curb my appetite back to a healthy intake, and they also gave me a cheat sheet to point me in the right direction in the grocery store and around the kitchen.

Once I got started feeling better about myself, I had more energy. I was lighter on my feet when I wasn’t overeating and I got myself moving again. I started with what I was physically able to do and did not push myself too far in the beginning. I began walking, graduated to running, and explored the world of weights and machines at a local gym. I feel amazing now! I’m down to 149 pounds with a 31” waist.

Eight months ago I couldn’t make it up the hill in my backyard, now I’m enjoying my life with my children instead of sitting on the sidelines. Thank you Elevation for making it possible!


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Nicole’s Weight Loss Story

Thanks to Elevation Medical Weight Loss, I am feeling like a whole new person! I had my second child at 42 years old weighing in at 218 lbs at the time of his birth.  I struggled for months and was still weighing 206 lbs several months after the delivery of my new son.  I was still fighting gestational diabetes even months after delivery and I was just being plain exhausted all the time.

I decided I needed to do something.  I was driving through the plaza where the clinic is located and it caught my eye. I went home to looked it up and read other peoples success stories on their website.  I decided to give it a shot and I am so glad that I did.  While I am not totally off of all medications, the amount of insulin I was taking has reduced dramatically.  I know without the weight loss that would never have happened.

I began this journey September of 2017 and am currently down about 46 lbs and have regained the energy I needed to chase and play with my little guy!

Thanks Again!

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Traci’s story…


My name is Traci and this is my weight loss story! This is just the beginning, I have been
on a constant diet for the last eight years and nothing seems to work for me. It never works because I was always looking for that quick fix and that’s not the answer. I did a lot of research before deciding on Elevation. I started this Journey in February and have lost 17 pounds to date and I have lost 7 inches just on my waist!!!!!
When I first started I made the decision that I was going to be serious about working out, and I have! But I struggled with the diet end of this program, I love carbs!!!!! Once I decided to take the whole plan serious the results are amazing its not just the weight that I am excited about its the overall lifestyle change that I am experiencing.
Before I started I was always tired and couldn’t seem to get it together, from housework to just everyday activities I just didn’t have the motivation. Now I am excited to get up and see what the day is going to bring because I have a new outlook on things I want to feel better and accomplish things and just make my overall health better! So thank you Elevations for helping make this happen!


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Shirley G.’s Weight Loss Story

I have tried every weight loss program out there and have struggled year after year.  When I walked into Elevation Weight Loss 4 months ago, I will admit, I was a little apprehensive and thought to myself, “Here I go again!”  Then I met Lauren.  As a licensed healthcare provider, she was so knowledgeable and understanding.  She took the time to explain the products and helped me choose the very best options based on what I wanted to achieve.  The visit was all about ME and not about the “sale”.  With Lauren’s personal guidance and encouragement, I have lost 40 lbs in just 4 short months!

Thank you, Lauren and Elevation Weight Loss for giving me my self-confidence back!

Shirley G.


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Hannah’s Weight Loss Story


I graduated High school in 2016 at 135lbs. I then Started working full time as a CNA and then a few months later I started a part-time LPN program. My life was super busy, I’d go to work for 8 hours and right after work I’d go to school until 9:30pm. Eating healthy wasn’t necessarily easy for me so I ate out A LOT. Long story short I gained 30 lbs.

Summer of 2017, I went on 2 vacations which I refused to swim because I felt so disgusted in myself. All summer I wore big t-shirts and stretchy shorts because I was so disgusted with the fact I let myself go from a size 7 in jeans/shorts to now a size 12. To some, it’s not a big difference, but to me it was and I wanted and NEEDED to change it. Everybody used to tell me I looked great and would try and make me feel good about myself, but I never felt it. I was 5,2 and overweight and that’s all I could think. As I was driving through Weirton one day, I saw the Elevation Weight loss sign. I called them and scheduled an appointment immediately.

On February 2, 2018, this place has changed my life! I weighed 161.6 lbs and my waist was 36”. Valerie was so nice and explained how the program worked and since then, as of today 6-12-18 I’m now down to 137.8lbs and my waist is 31.5”!! My goal weight is 130lbs and I’m only 7lbs away!

This program has given me my confidence back and all around made me healthier! I gave up fast food and now meal prep, I go to the gym at least 2-3 times a week, and  I drink at least 7-8 bottles of water a day. I feel absolutely AMAZING inside and out!! I can go swimming again, I can wear crop tops, jean shorts, and all the cute summer clothes I have Always wished I could Wear when I couldn’t before! My advice to anybody on this program is to stick with it even when the scale doesn’t move! Everybody is different and some may take longer than others, but this program WORKS and you will be satisfied!

-Hannah B.


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Tiesha’s Weight Loss Success

tiesha-weight-loss elevation.jpg

I’ve always been on the smaller side growing up. I could barely hit 100 lbs in high school! I got pregnant with my beautiful daughter in August 2016. Throughout my pregnancy, I was extremely swollen and retained a lot of water weight. I started out at 130 lbs and delivered at 180 lbs! I was devastated, although I had lost about 25 lbs after delivery from breastfeeding and just watching my diet. I had my daughter in April, and a friend referred me to Elevation Weight Loss Clinic with the promise of how it’ll basically change my life at the end of May 2017. I went in, talked with the doctor, was prescribed the medications, given a shopping list and some tips.

My first experience at Elevation was fantastic and I felt extremely comfortable and it has been that way ever since. Combining the Adipex, water pills and carb curve pills with a low-cal, clean eating diet and a Planet Fitness gym membership, has provided me with results I hoped and wished for. I have lost a little over 15 lbs and couldn’t be happier! Elevation Weight Loss Clinic has given me back my life after becoming a Mommy! I love my daughter more than life itself, but she did some major “damage” to her Mama’s body! I still have a ways to go, but anytime I hear a friend express they have tried everything to lose weight and just can’t get where they want to be, I ALWAYS excitedly tell them about Elevation and say “It’ll change your life!” Thank you for giving me MY life and confidence back!

-Ty G.

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Joyce R’s Journey to Weight Loss

When a woman turns a certain age her whole-body changes. Well, when I turned 50 I looked at pictures of myself that were taken at my 50th party and I thought to myself “What happened to me”? I was at least 40 lbs overweight. I was miserable. So, I mentally got my mind set to start watching what I ate and to start taking better care of myself.  I did do just that, and I lost 40 lbs!

It was very slow and hard to do! I slowly became more active, started to exercise, do 5K walks, weight training, the works. I felt awesome. I kept that weight off for over 4 years. Then in one day, my life changed drastically. The heartache, loss, and circumstances that I was dealing with left me extremely stressed and depressed. It led me to eat constantly. Eating seemed to be the only thing that made me happy and it didn’t take any thinking to do it. 

I ate my way to gaining all 40 lbs back and more all in one year. I stopped exercising and walking. I did nothing but work, eat and lay around. I was miserable. I tried several times and several ways to diet and get the weight back off. Nothing would work! The weight gain made me even more depressed. Finally, a friend told me about Elevation Weight Loss. I wasn’t thrilled about trying it but after realizing that I could not mentally lose the weight myself I called and made an appointment. I met with the doctor, received my pills, shots, and information and left thinking this will never work! One week later when I went to weigh in I had lost 6.4 lbs. I was so amazed and so happy! It worked! The pills curbed my appetite enough to make me not eat as much or to crave things. I drank water again because I was thirsty, and it tasted good. I continued the next week watching my calorie intake, which wasn’t really that hard because I just wasn’t hungry. The weight continued to come off every week.

In a little under three months, I had lost 22 lbs. and several inches. My attitude changed, and depression started to leave. I felt so much better, happier and active again. I started to get back to being myself. I can’t even explain how Elevation has helped me in so many ways. If your overweight and it’s making you miserable, depressed, unhealthy and you just can’t lose the weight then try Elevation. It’s easy and wonderful. The ladies are all so nice and so encouraging. I still have a few pounds to lose but I know I can do it!

Joyce R