Testosterone Therapy

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Male Hormone Replacement/ Testosterone Therapy

Treatment is based on two elements: lab values & symptoms
Recommended labs:

  • Complete Blood Count
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel with Liver Profile
  • Total & Free Testosterone
  • Estradiol, sensitive assay
  • PSA
  • LH & FSH
  • Lipid Panel
  • DHEA-S
  • TSH
Symptoms of testosterone deficiency:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced sex drive & spontaneous morning erections
  • Increased joint/muscle pain
  • Testes decreasing in size
  • Infertility (low to zero sperm count)
  • Painful breasts or gynecomastia
  • Hot flushes & sweats
  • Increased fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating and memory problems
  • Decreased muscle mass and strength
  • Increased body fat & waist size

Common Treatment options:

  1. Testosterone Cypionate In Grapeseed Oil 200 mg/mL
  • Subcutaneous injections of testosterone of 0.25 – 0.5 mL twice a week to reestablishes testosterone levels
  1.  OPTIONAL: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin 
  • Subcutaneous injections that trigger the testes to continue producing testosterone despite the presence of exogenous testosterone
  1. Anastrazole (Arimidex) 0.5 to 1 mg capsules/tablets
  • Once a week by mouth to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen
  1. OPTIONAL: Sermorelin Injection
  • Stimulates the production of endogenous growth hormone; works synergistically with testosterone
  • $235 for 30 days of sermorelin acetate 9 mg
  1. OPTIONAL: Cialis & Viagra Oral Disintegrating Tablets
  • Treatment for erectile dysfunction; compounded version
  • $10 per tablet.
Pricing for Male Testosterone Replacement Therapy
*no hidden fees, no contracts*
Male HRT/Testosterone initial consult/lab work order (includes physician assessment, lab fee, and reviewing of lab results) & follow up blood work Based on insurance
12-week testosterone program (includes all medications, such as testosterone, estrogen blocker, physical exams) $450

If you’ve come in and spoken with us about any of our programs, you undoubtedly remember hearing about how important it is to use your diet and exercise to maintain an appropriate balance of hormones. Starting in our 30s, our bodies begin to slow down the production of hormones such as Testosterone and HGH, which in turn results in an unfortunate accumulation of body fat and a regular decline in muscle mass and natural energy levels.

In order to begin, we will send you for some blood work testing to determine if such therapy would be of benefit to you.

There is an unfortunate stigma commonly associated with hormone supplementation, especially when the treatment involves testosterone replacement therapy (TRT); however, this is mostly the result of abuse. By properly monitoring and treating low hormone levels, you can safely and quickly regain much of the energy and confidence that we tend to lose as we age.

The benefits of hormone therapy are far-reaching and impact everything from baseline energy and exercise endurance to increase muscle mass and sexual performance. When paired with our recommended exercise and diet plans, you can see changes in your fitness and general well-being that far exceed what you could achieve with standard diet and exercise techniques alone.

We’ve put together some information to answer commonly asked questions regarding hormone replacement (HRT) or testosterone replacement therapy (TRT):

How safe is hormone replacement?
We use bio-identical testosterone therapy for men.  These hormones are naturally produced in your body.  Based on your blood work, which is the most accurate form of testing for hormonal imbalances, our providers will design a dose that you will feel your best in within 1-2 week with minimal side effects.

What kind of work-up do I need?
Blood work provides the most accurate and best indicator of how your body is operating. Patients will need a very comprehensive hormone panel before starting.  We test for full blood count (CBC), metabolic panel with a liver profile (CMP), Free & Total Testosterone, LH, FSH, Estradiol (sensitive assay), TSH, DHEA-S.  We will need a prostate level (PSA) for men over 40 years old, and then an annual PSA.  We do not use saliva testing.

Do I need to fast before obtaining blood work?
No, fasting is not necessary.  Evidence as demonstrated by the Journal of American Medical Association, JAMA, see article here.

Where can I go for blood testing?
At any Lab that does blood work. (eg-Lab Corp or Quest)

How long do I need to be on this treatment program?
As long as you want to be.  Similar to eating healthier and leading a more active lifestyle, if you feel your best on testosterone replacement therapy and your lab work shows positive results, we can continue you on the program.

Who would consider a consult for treatment?
Men who are between the ages of 30-65 who do no longer have the energy or workout recovery that they had in their prime and wish to regain them.

What are the symptoms of testosterone deficiency?
Erectile dysfunction (ED), reduced sex drive & spontaneous morning erections, increased joint/muscle pain, teste decreasing in size, low sperm count or infertility, night sweats, fatigue, memory issues, mental fogginess, difficulty concentrating, decrease muscle mass and strength, increase body fat & waist size.

What are the symptoms of testosterone deficiency?
Symptoms of hormone deficiency or imbalance include: weight gain, hot flashes, irregular menses, dry hair/skin, hair loss, night sweats, vaginal dryness, decreased sex drive, fluid retention, headaches, depression/anxiety/mood swings, fatigue, forgetfulness, and more.

How much does hormone replacement or testosterone therapy cost?
Initial consult questionnaire by phone, email, or in-person is of no charge.  If you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, you can call us for the initial lab work order.

      • Summary of all pricing:
        • Initial Consult/Blood Work testing – no fee for consultation, lab work will be based on insurance coverage.
        • 12-week Testosterone Replacement Program for men $450, which includes all supplies, medications, & physical exam.
      • There are no hidden fees or contracts.

What kind of treatment or regimen can I expect on testosterone replacement (TRT) or hormone replacement (HRT)?

    • We prescribe testosterone injections and generally 2 other medications.  The treatment consists of:
      • Testosterone 40 mg – 100 mg injected under the skin (SQ) twice a week
      • (optional) HCG injections once a week
      • Anastrazole (Amiridex) 0.25 mg – 1 mg once a week.
        • All dosing above can be done during the same day

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How do I get started on hormone therapy?
You can either call us at 412-458-5042 or call any of our locations to answer a few questions regarding symptoms and your goals of therapy or contact us here. You should receive a response on the same business day.

Send us questions and we will frequently update our website with more information.