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About Dr. Cooper

Dr. Cooper first became interested in health and fitness while in medical school where she began training in powerlifting and learning about how diet influences athletic performance. During residency, she continued her fitness pursuits and even participated in state-level powerlifting competitions. She used a tailored training and diet program to reduce body fat percentage while increasing strength and muscle mass.  Her hard work paid off when she placed 1st and set several Ohio State Records in her weight class during her first powerlifting meet in 2013.  As a result, she qualified for the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival Powerlifting Championship, where she placed 2nd in her weight class.  She continued to compete in 2022, placing 1st in Columbus, OH, Beyond Limits Classic Powerlifting Meet.

Over the past 9 years, Dr. Cooper has worked with thousands of patients in medical weight loss facilities and has come to love the opportunity to help others control their own weight and achieve their personal fitness goals.  She is happy to provide her extensive weight loss knowledge and share her experiences to help you shape the body that you deserve.




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