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Stacie G.’s Weight Loss Success

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The day I walked into Elevation Weight Loss, was the beginning of my journey to a healthier me. My wake up call came in June of 2017 when I lost my baby due to a miscarriage. We had been trying for years and it was a dream come true and then that dream was taken away from me suddenly. I was devastated. I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t recognize the woman that I once knew and loved. I was miserable and was tired of being overweight and wanted a new beginning.

I began walking shortly after that and had lost 27 lbs, but that was not enough. I wanted to start teaching my fitness class again but would not do that until I felt comfortable enough to get back up on that stage. Teaching was and still is a passion of mine because you get to see firsthand the transformations that take place and the inspiration that comes from one person to another. It is very rewarding!

I work hard at eating healthy and exercising, we all know that this is not an easy task. It feels amazing to look in that mirror now and see the reflection of the woman I have worked so hard to become. I am proud to say that I am teaching fitness again and the words of encouragement that I hear is my motivation to keep pushing and inspiring others to do the same.

I have lost a total of 70 pounds since I first began my weight loss journey almost a year ago. I have gone from a size 22 to a size 14. It feels INCREDIBLE and I could not have done it without the help of Elevation Weight Loss!!!

Thank You Elevation for helping me get my life back and the confidence I had been looking for for a long time.

-Stacie G.

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Tamara’s Weight Loss Story


I am so glad I decided to go to ELEVATION WEIGHT LOSS.  It will be one year. I started this journey on June 26th 2017.  After being diagnosed with a fatty liver and being put on diabetes meds., very high BP,  and having my blood work always come back in the red I made my mind up I need to do something.

I work for the airlines and when I would fly I would secretly have to ask the flight attendant for a second seat belt because one did not fit and I would be so embarrassed.  I was terrified of all the things wrong I could have with now being a diabetic.  I was tired of my feet always being swollen and just feeling so blah.  I made my appointment and told myself I could do this.  I knew I had to.

I have three amazing grandsons and if I wanted to be around for them I knew I needed to get the weight off.  Of course, it was hard in the beginning but now it is a piece of cake.  I am used to my new eating habits and know what I can and can’t have.  I pack my lunch almost every day for work but occasionally I do go out but I know how to order and eat healthy.  I have a large cup of coffee and a bottle of water for breakfast and I am very satisfied with that.  I actually look forward to the morning and getting my coffee (black of course).  Lunch is small and a bottle of water and then I have a nice dinner and bottle of water and always an unsweet ice tea, and my snack is a bottle of water.  I do not eat in between meals, no sugar, watch the carbs, smaller portions, nothing fried, and I push the water.  I still go out to eat n to parties, etc. but I try and plan ahead and I definitely watch what I eat.

As of today, I have lost 82 lbs and still going.  I am no longer on diabetes meds, my feet are not puffy, I have energy and feel so much better about myself, my labs are the best they have ever been, my BP is good, my repeat fatty liver scan showed much improvement,  I am able to buy normal clothes, and my doctors are just thrilled and amazed that I did this.  I can fly on a plane and not need the extra seat belt and that is such a great feeling.  I am very lucky that I had the support of my friends and family and them giving me the encouragement to keep going.  I have been to Cancun, a  Cruise, the beach, etc. while being on this diet and had not one issue of wanting or craving anything.  I actually lost 13 lbs when I came back from Cancun because I felt so great that I took water aerobics every morning and did a lot of swimming.  I can walk two miles now and not get out of breath and not even sweat.

It is amazing how great I feel and I am so happy I did this BUT without Elevation Weight Loss I know I could not have done it.  Elevation Weight Loss made it easy and I did not want or crave BUT I just wanted to keep going and lose more weight.

-Tamara S.


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Meal Planning for Weight Loss Success

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Book an appointment using SetMoreElevation Medical Weight Loss of Pittsburgh & Weirton
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When you decide to live a healthier lifestyle and talk to us about wanting to lose weight,   we discuss the nutritional aspect of the types of foods in order to help you choose a weight loss program to fit your goals.  We further recommend that you set a plan for your meals as a way to more easily stay on task and get to your goals.

One aspect of dieting that we would like to emphasize is setting aside a day to plan ahead for your week’s meals.   This includes getting groceries for the week (preferably) from the list of foods that we recommend), prepping the necessary items to make the meals, and cooking ALL of the food needed for the week. If you have 12 containers, you can lay it all out and partition each meal in each container.  Since we often recommend eating 2 large meals a day, you can plan ahead for the other 6 days of the week.

The 9 days meal plan that we prescribed consists of larger meal portions.  Depending on if you are taking the diet medications (phentermine, or Adipex) for weight loss, your caloric goal may be 800-1300 calories a day split into 2 large meals.  If you are on the  weight loss program, your calorie goal may be around 600 calories a day, which is also split into 2 large meals. Even at 300 calories per meal, the meal consists of a larger serving of meats (4 oz of chicken, 10 oz of vegetables, and 2 large glass of water) to keep you full since you will be eating leaner cuts of meats and fill the tank with plenty of vegetables and water.

So what does meal prepping look like? It takes effort, but you get what you put into it– in the end, it helps you get a step closer to your goal.

Have all your ingredients laid out — lots of lean meats and tons of vegetables.

Green, leafy vegetables like collard greens, turnip greens, mustard greens are low calorie and taste great.

Preparing all the asparagus and broccoli in aluminum foil for grilling.

Summer squash makes another flavorful side dish.  It will serve as a rice/potato/bread substitute.

Roasting sliced tomatoes on a pan and simmering thinly cut beef.

Setting shrimp on the skewers and have chicken tenderloins marinated and ready to grill with several lean burgers.

Shrimp and chicken take no time on the grill.

400 calorie meal


Another 400 calorie meal


This is what a 300 calories meal look like

Overall, the entire process of getting groceries, prepping food, cooking, storing, and cleaning up took 6 hours to make 14 meals for 1 person. But this small sacrifice means that you are done for the week and one step closer to being a better you.