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Pam D.’s Weight Loss Story


When I started at Elevation Medical Weight loss, my starting weight was 139.6 pounds. This may not seem like a lot to some, but to me it was. I was always active when I was younger and never had an issue with weight. After having 2 children and getting a little older, my energy levels had gone down and the pounds started going up. I hated trying clothes on and having to get dressed and go out somewhere because I just felt so uncomfortable in everything I owned.

In the first month, I lost 11.8 pounds! The second month, I lost another 5.8 pounds. That’s almost 18 pounds in just 2 months! I was so glad to find a program that actually worked. The weight was coming off and my energy levels were back up. I no longer had the “sluggish” feeling all day like I had before. I felt more confident when I was getting dressed to go out and loved going to try clothes on again. I was able to enjoy being outside and playing with my kids again without feeling completely exhausted.

Some advice for those going through this or those hesitant to try it, it is worth it! The results are amazing and you will feel so much better. Just stick with the meal plans and program as directed and you will not be disappointed. Overall, I am feeling so much better on a daily basis and enjoy being able to do the things I was not able to do before.

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Lee C. looks great!

I started off my weight loss journey in December 2017! I have always been a yo-yo dieter my whole life no matter what you do once you stop doing it you will gain the weight back so why not make it easier on yourself with a little boost from elevation weight loss! The program is so easy to follow and you can set your own pace!

In just 7 months time I have lost over 54.6 lbs and have also kept them off!!  Losing lbs is nice but losing the inches are the best part I started off with a 45-inch waist and got measured today in the office and I am down to a 37-inch waist! That is 8 inches off…. I have gone down in pants sizes from a size 18 to a size 11/12, most tops I can fit into a size medium and the most exciting this is I can cross my legs again yippee! I really never thought I would get back into sizes I was in as a teen but those days are fast approaching!

Every single day I get compliments and encouragement to keep going and I can say that it is possible with a little help! Why wait to make yourself feel better!! I did a little motivational exercise and I went to the store and picked up a 25 lb bag of sugar and walked around with it for a few minutes I was winded and my arms hurt! I can’t believe I was actually carrying 2 bags of that on my body! How did I ever get around day to day? I don’t want to go back to those added extra bags I will keep it off with the help of evolution!

-Lee C.

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P.J.’s Weight Loss Story

In January I remove turning that dreaded 40.. yes I was over the hill. I thought to myself that I could either get busy living or get busy dying. I made the choice in early February 2018 to make a life-altering decision that would completely redefine the person that I am today. I was determined to not only lose weight but to live a healthier lifestyle. I had to change the type of choices I made each day. I knew I couldn’t do this alone. I needed professional help! I needed help from someone that understood where I have been and where I wanted to be. That’s when I decided to visit Elevation Medical Weight Loss in Weirton, WV.

Their weight loss professionals helped put me on the right path to a new healthier life. They provided me with the daily meds and a diet plan that would be most suitable for my current lifestyle. I was amazed at how quickly the plan worked for me. I lost 12 lbs after the first 7 days. As I moved into the 2 weeks I noticed my energy and stamina increasing during my time at the gym. I noticed I was able to continue the treadmill for that extra 15 minutes. I started eating healthier and drinking more water since I wasn’t craving sugar. I started moving away from carbs and leaning more towards vegetables and foods high in protein. When I started lifting weights and watched my body transform into a younger me. I have three daughters that are all under the age of 12. I was now able to join them in activities and even wrestling with them in the backyard without getting winded after 5 minutes. I had lost a total of 41 lbs in 3 months and regained the endurance and muscle. In addition to my weight loss, I dropped 9 inches off my waist.

I’m in better shape now than I was in my late 20’s.  I recommend Elevation Medical Weight Loss to anyone who wants to feel good again, anyone who refuses to give up, and anyone who wants to make that life change for the better. It’s not easy my friends!! You must be willing to alter your lifestyle. You need that drive to exercise when you are tired after work, order the broccoli instead of fries, and stop making excuses on why you can’t do it!! Yes… I promise you that you can do this. If I could do it anyone can. My kids are happier now! I’m happier now! Life has a funny way of keeping score. I’m glad I chose the winning team. Thank you Elevations Medical Weight Loss for guiding me to a new life I’ve always dreamed of having.

Your forever client and friend,

P.J. K.

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Michelle N.’s Weight Loss Story

I started the Elevation Medical Weight Loss program a little under three (3) months ago. I was kind of skeptical and hesitant in the beginning because every time I tried to lose weight before; I always failed.  So, I thought to myself; let me just try this out because my niece told me about this program. She said she lost 20 pounds since she started the program. In the first month alone, I lost approximately 4 pounds.  I was so excited. Loosing that 4 pounds gave me more of an incentive to keep going back. Now, I have lost about 24 pounds total in three months. I believe this is a great way to lose weight and keep it off.

I just followed the program they gave me.  I eat 1600 calories a day, and I am not hungry.  I feel full. If I do get hungry; I drink a bottle of water, and I am good.  I found drinking water throughout the day and watching my calorie intake helps me a lot.  You really don’t have to exercise to lose weight. In the beginning, I didn’t exercise at all and I lost 4 pounds.  I do walk quite a bit though. I walk my dog every morning for about 45 minutes or so.

About a month and a half after starting this weight loss program, my job started a “100-day global challenge”.  This challenge is to help you get healthier. There are seven of us on a team. We all got a max buzz watch that counts all our steps, our calories, and our heart rate.  Our team is trying to stay on top. This has also helped me with my weight loss journey. I go into work early, park my car, and walk for about an hour a day. I try to have at least 7,000 steps before I go inside to work.  When I take my cigarette breaks, which I get two a day, I walk while I smoke which gives me more steps.

I feel so much better since I have lost this weight.  I am more alert. I don’t get tired throughout the day anymore.  I can do so much more than I thought I could. I am more active now than I have been in a long time.  I went to the doctors and they sent me for blood work because my cholesterol was high before I started at Elevation.  Since I have lost the weight, my cholesterol has gone down drastically.

I would recommend this weight loss program to anyone.  Don’t give up on yourself, give yourself a chance, and keep going back!  It really does work!  

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Ashley Has Met Her Goal!


As a child, teenager and into a young adult, I’ve always struggled with weight. I would go
home from school as a 3rd grader, crying to my mom about the other girls who made fun of me or what another kid on the bus said. My mother would always tell me I’m beautiful and to not let others get me down. As I got older I always had to have my hair perfect, my makeup perfect and my nails done every other week, but my weight was never a concern to me.

Going to college, I ate like every other college student and continued to gain weight.
Always feeling self-conscious and never letting go of the little girl inside, I always felt bad just never let it show. I would try diets, work out and cleanses, which would seem to fade away within a few weeks. I never made any significant progress or felt better.

It wasn’t until I started with Elevation Weight Loss that my life started to change. I began
to eat more healthy, become more active and began feeling better about myself. I was able to not only meet my goal but surpass it. I am able to lead a more healthy lifestyle, not to feel self-conscious and continue to make new goals to meet. I am no longer worried about health issues that could arise due to being overweight.

What I thought was going to be the most difficult thing to do, become more motivating
with every day that passed and every pound that was dropped. I am able to maintain my weight loss by drinking a lot of water, maintaining low carbs and avoiding sugars. I now eat a lot of greens and venison, which is lean and lower in calories than beef. While I am still on my journey to become more healthy and leaner, I could not have started, achieved, nor keep going without Elevation Weight Loss and support.

-Ashley G.

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Jeff N. is down 55 pounds


My name is Jeff N. In one month, I lost 30 pounds by taking the diet pill and following the meal plan provided by Elevation Medical Weight Loss. Not only did I lose the weight but it also made me have more energy and feel better about myself. I continue to follow this plan and am down a total of 55 pounds.

Thank you,
-Jeff N.

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Tamara’s Weight Loss Story


I am so glad I decided to go to ELEVATION WEIGHT LOSS.  It will be one year. I started this journey on June 26th 2017.  After being diagnosed with a fatty liver and being put on diabetes meds., very high BP,  and having my blood work always come back in the red I made my mind up I need to do something.

I work for the airlines and when I would fly I would secretly have to ask the flight attendant for a second seat belt because one did not fit and I would be so embarrassed.  I was terrified of all the things wrong I could have with now being a diabetic.  I was tired of my feet always being swollen and just feeling so blah.  I made my appointment and told myself I could do this.  I knew I had to.

I have three amazing grandsons and if I wanted to be around for them I knew I needed to get the weight off.  Of course, it was hard in the beginning but now it is a piece of cake.  I am used to my new eating habits and know what I can and can’t have.  I pack my lunch almost every day for work but occasionally I do go out but I know how to order and eat healthy.  I have a large cup of coffee and a bottle of water for breakfast and I am very satisfied with that.  I actually look forward to the morning and getting my coffee (black of course).  Lunch is small and a bottle of water and then I have a nice dinner and bottle of water and always an unsweet ice tea, and my snack is a bottle of water.  I do not eat in between meals, no sugar, watch the carbs, smaller portions, nothing fried, and I push the water.  I still go out to eat n to parties, etc. but I try and plan ahead and I definitely watch what I eat.

As of today, I have lost 82 lbs and still going.  I am no longer on diabetes meds, my feet are not puffy, I have energy and feel so much better about myself, my labs are the best they have ever been, my BP is good, my repeat fatty liver scan showed much improvement,  I am able to buy normal clothes, and my doctors are just thrilled and amazed that I did this.  I can fly on a plane and not need the extra seat belt and that is such a great feeling.  I am very lucky that I had the support of my friends and family and them giving me the encouragement to keep going.  I have been to Cancun, a  Cruise, the beach, etc. while being on this diet and had not one issue of wanting or craving anything.  I actually lost 13 lbs when I came back from Cancun because I felt so great that I took water aerobics every morning and did a lot of swimming.  I can walk two miles now and not get out of breath and not even sweat.

It is amazing how great I feel and I am so happy I did this BUT without Elevation Weight Loss I know I could not have done it.  Elevation Weight Loss made it easy and I did not want or crave BUT I just wanted to keep going and lose more weight.

-Tamara S.


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Dan’s Weight Loss: Real Results from Real Patients

Dan lost over 100 lbs in 10 months*.

hi everybody, it’s hard to believe that we’ve come to our last section.>> That used to be me. I was over 300 pounds just a few years ago. I have lost a lot of weight over the years on various different diets. I’ve lost 30 pounds at a time or more but it always comes back and it adds a little bit extra when it does.

That was until Elevation, Elevation Weight Loss, there’s no strict or secret to it. Basically it’s just a matter of tracking your calories and then burning more calories than what you consume. That’s the only way to really, lose weight and keep it off. Now it’s not easy, but if you commit to that, Elevation Medical Weight Loss can help you make a little bit easier and allow you to succeed.

I know I did it, and I failed at a lot of diets before. So if I could do it, I know that you can as well. Again it’s not easy. I had to be very committed to making sure I stuck to a plan, but in 10 months, 10 months,I was able to lose over 100 pounds. I went from 312 to 212 in 10 months.

At Elevation, what they are going do is give you some tools and some encouragement and some help in order to stay on a program, and with the MyPlate app, it really makes it kind of fun, so that you do have to change if you wanna lose weight. I mean you can’t continue to eat everything that you always did and lose weight and keep it off.

But that App alone helps you to be able to track those calories and maintain and stick to it. Day after day, week after week, month after month. In just 10 months I was able to lose over 100 pounds**. Now, one of the things that makes it really difficult to stay on that, you might know what you’re doing and you might see what you’re doing with that app, but our appetite fights against us.

At Elevation, you’re gonna get some help. With the desire to eat, with the appetite. Now mentally you’re still gonna have times where you think about some food and you enjoy eating certain foods in certain restaurants and certain places, that’s not gonna go away. And it’s not gonna make you sick every time you eat certain foods.

All it does is help you do what you want to do, and what you’re committed to doing. When you keep yourself busy, and that’s another thing that Elevation will help you with, will talk to you and encourage that you need to be more active in your life. You need to get more exercise and be a more active person.

And if you keep yourself busy and you’re tracking your calories when you do eat, phentermine will then help you to kinda not think about food constantly and not be thinking about that next meal. So the combination of a smart app and the phentermine and just the encouragement, and the knowledge that you can get from Elevation just helps a lot.

Being thinner is healthier and it’s well worth the effort, it’s well worth the hard work that goes into. But I was on a blood pressure medicine and I no longer have to take that medicine. I was using a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. I’m using it very little because I’m just breathing easier and better.

I still like to eat, I still love food and I still will eat too much of the wrong things at times. But I know that I have a program now that any time I need to, I know I can get that weight right back on, and that’s not simply by following the basic rules, increasing activity level, watching those calories and if I need to, I can go back on the phentermine and I’d say it helps with that appetite suppression, using all of the tools and everything that they provide for you you can do it.

I only tell you that because I did and I was one of those people that thought it’d never, ever happen. I remember so many times in my life saying, if I could just lose that weight, I believe I can keep it off, and now I get to prove that because I got it off and I’m determined to keep it off.

If I can’t do it on my own, I know that I have a program, I can go to Elevations Weight Loss and they can help me out. I know you can do it because I thought I couldn’t, but I did. You can do it too. >> Let me close by saying this, I’m proud of you. >> Well, thank you. Thank you very much.


*Dan is a patient of ours from another medical weight loss practice from January 2015-October 2015.  He had lost an average of 10 lbs a month over the course of 10 months.  Dan was placed on a calorie-restricted diet of 1600 calories a day, with a prescribed light exercise of 45-60 minutes every other day.
** Individual results may vary based on compliance to the calorie-restriction diet and adherence to the exercise regime.