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Check One Off the Bucket List


If there is one piece of advice that I gleaned from my experience running the Toronto Marathon, it would be to never run a marathon if you can avoid it. Of course I’m partly joking, the experience was grueling, uncomfortable, and frustrating, and this is exactly why I did it. It’s been said that no one has ever become great by being comfortable, and I have found this to be true in all areas of life including weight loss and fitness.

So many times we look at discomfort as a per se bad thing; however I see the willingness to endure discomfort for a purpose to be badge of honor, worn by those working hard to get what they want. Many times when we see a person who has made significant changes in their fitness we see only their results, but in reality what you are seeing are the culmination of hours spent in the gym, months of ignoring cravings and appetite, and a daily commitment to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

I hope that you find something worth being uncomfortable for, and when you do that you take pride in the process of getting there. When your stomach growls and cravings hit, smile that you have made the choice to force your body to get rid of fat first. When your legs are sore and you are short of breath during exercise, imagine how your body will change to make your workouts easier. And if for some crazy reason you decide to complete a marathon, drag yourself to the finish line with the knowledge that you are tougher and more determined than all those people sitting at home on a Sunday morning. Remember that while they are being comfortable, you are becoming great.

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Coach Drew


Andrew, or Coach Drew as he prefers to be called, has worked and been involved in the health and fitness industry for over a decade. While studying Biology in West Virginia State University, Coach Drew also participated in the WVSU Athletic Training program. Coach then earned his ACE personal training certification, training clients for 2 years before obtaining his Crossfit level 1 certification and coaching Crossfit for over 5 years before returning to school for his J.D. Coach Drew has extensive experience in functional athletic training, weight loss, power lifting, and sports nutrition. He loves to share his knowledge with anyone he can, whether they ask him to or not. As for the beekini baby in the photo, her name is MaiLan and she is his princess.