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We are so happy to announce our March Buddy winners!
Our Green Tree winner is Melissa and North Hills (Wexford) is Tim.
And because we had such a HUGE response in Weirton, we drew two winners, BethMiranda.

We are blown away by how much our incentive program has been utilized. We thank you and want to remind you that we have extended it to JUNE!

To those of you who are new, our Buddy Program is designed for you to diet with a buddy. (It is always better to do it with a friend). If you come in together and both join a plan*, we will give you each $10.00 off and a free B-12 injection and put your name in a drawing for a month of the diet medication and B-12/Fat Burner injections. So grab your buddy and come on over. Make sure you come in when there is a prescriber scheduled, and we will be happy to help get you on your way to a healthier you!

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*You can be a current or new patient but must be ready for a new month of meds. You will not be able to substitute any winnings or plans/injections. You must BOTH be seen at the same appointment time slot. NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules.*

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The Many Health Benefits of B Vitamin Injections and How They Can Accelerate Your Weight Loss

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Many people have asked why it is that we carry B vitamin injections, and even more why we carry so many different “types” of B vitamin injections. In this post we want to address the benefits of Vitamin B12 supplementation, as well as the variations of B Vitamin injections that we carry.

Firstly, we highly recommend that anyone on a low calorie diet should supplement additional vitamin B-12 into their regimens. Vitamin B-12 is involved in a wide range of bodily functions, and most importantly for our purposes energy production. This means that is one is deficient in B12, they are likely to feel more tired and less likely to have the necessary control to make the kind of hard choices necessary to reach their health and fitness goals.

Beyond the basic B12 injection and its many beneficial effects, we offer several different types of B vitamin injections, specifically formulated with additional supplements to meet you individual goals. The most popular variation that we offer is the “Fat Burner” shot, which includes a standard dose of B12 as well as a collection of amino acids that both help to increase the efficiency of your fat loss by encouraging blood flow to fat deposits, as well as mitigate any of the potential side effects that accompany any weight loss program (ie, diminishing hair and nail quality, jitteriness or restlessness, etc.).

Our second most popular option after the “Fat Burner” lipotrophic injection is the “Energy/Anti-Inflammatory” injection. This particular injection is geared toward either those who are very active, resulting in regular soreness and achiness, or those with chronic pain or soreness due to injuries or other health issues. In addition to an extra large dose of B12 (there is currently no known hazardous limit to B12 supplementation) this injection includes an amino acid blend that helps to bring down general inflammation, and thus reduce soreness and pain. Using this shot weekly can help to increase your energy in the gym, as well as increase recovery time after intense workouts.

Our last injection is typically reserved for those who have begun an exercise routine, since it must be used in conjunction with one of our B12 injections due to being a “complex” containing all the necessary B vitamins except for B12. Patients report significant joint pain relief, as well as increased exercise endurance and recovery when using this injection weekly.

In summary, we recommend trying a course of the B-12 metabolism injection + fat burner lipotrophic injection once a week for 4 weeks to enhance weight loss when you are taking phentermine and or using the HCG diet shots.  The B-12 metabolism + fat burner injection is administered as 2 separate injections on the arm, or we can combine them for you for 1 injection on the hip or gluteal region.

If you are suffering from joint pain, knee pain, back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and or have intense work-out regimes, we recommend the energy anti-inflammatory + super B-complex injections weekly, which is administered as one injection into the hip or gluteal region.  You may be surprised at the results after the first week or two.