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Michelle N.’s Weight Loss Story

I started the Elevation Medical Weight Loss program a little under three (3) months ago. I was kind of skeptical and hesitant in the beginning because every time I tried to lose weight before; I always failed.  So, I thought to myself; let me just try this out because my niece told me about this program. She said she lost 20 pounds since she started the program. In the first month alone, I lost approximately 4 pounds.  I was so excited. Loosing that 4 pounds gave me more of an incentive to keep going back. Now, I have lost about 24 pounds total in three months. I believe this is a great way to lose weight and keep it off.

I just followed the program they gave me.  I eat 1600 calories a day, and I am not hungry.  I feel full. If I do get hungry; I drink a bottle of water, and I am good.  I found drinking water throughout the day and watching my calorie intake helps me a lot.  You really don’t have to exercise to lose weight. In the beginning, I didn’t exercise at all and I lost 4 pounds.  I do walk quite a bit though. I walk my dog every morning for about 45 minutes or so.

About a month and a half after starting this weight loss program, my job started a “100-day global challenge”.  This challenge is to help you get healthier. There are seven of us on a team. We all got a max buzz watch that counts all our steps, our calories, and our heart rate.  Our team is trying to stay on top. This has also helped me with my weight loss journey. I go into work early, park my car, and walk for about an hour a day. I try to have at least 7,000 steps before I go inside to work.  When I take my cigarette breaks, which I get two a day, I walk while I smoke which gives me more steps.

I feel so much better since I have lost this weight.  I am more alert. I don’t get tired throughout the day anymore.  I can do so much more than I thought I could. I am more active now than I have been in a long time.  I went to the doctors and they sent me for blood work because my cholesterol was high before I started at Elevation.  Since I have lost the weight, my cholesterol has gone down drastically.

I would recommend this weight loss program to anyone.  Don’t give up on yourself, give yourself a chance, and keep going back!  It really does work!  

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