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Chicken & Turkey Memorial Day Salad


When selecting ingredients to add to your grocery list, choose low-carb fruits & vegetables, low-carb cheeses, and lean meats as demonstrated in the photo above.  This is an example of our latest shopping trip for Memorial Day.


Salads are one of the most flexible and easiest foods you can eat.  You’re free to choose whichever ingredients you want to add to the list to make the ultimate dish. Here, we present you with one of our favorites.  This Turkey & Chicken Salad is a low calorie, high protein & low carb salad mix.

339 kcal: 55 grams of protein, 11 grams of carbsDSC_0972
Recipes makes 2 servings.  Prep time: 15 min

Ingredient kcal Protein Carbs
6 oz oven roasted sliced turkey 230 kcal 51 g  
6 oz boiled chicken breast 270 kcal 52 g  
6 cups Spring Mix Lettuce 40 kcal 4 g 6 g
2 cup red cabbage 28 kcal 1 g 6 g
½ cup chopped carrot 25 kcal 1 g 6 g
½ lime 10 kcal   3 g
2 tbsp sour cream 50 kcal 1 g 1 g


  1. Boil 8 oz skinless, boneless chicken breast until cooked (usually 10-15 minutes). This will make 6 oz cooked chicken.  Cool & shred.
  2.  Chop or shred 2 cups of red cabbage.
  3. Mix all ingredients in an oversized bowl.  Squeeze in half a lime. Stir in 2 tbsp sour cream.  Serves 2.


  4. Have your 12-month old toddler feed you.  This is a bonus step.  See below.

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