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Losing Weight & Feeling Younger with Sermorelin

To make an appt, call us or schedule an appointment online here
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 2350 Noblestown Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15205 (412) 304-2016 
241 Three Springs Dr. Weirton, WV 26062 (304) 914-3112

Here is a testimonial from a client who has been using Sermorelin injections over the past 3 months.

“My mother always said it would catch up to me…

I was pretty thin most of my life and due to my active lifestyle working with horses I would eat anything I wanted and never gain a pound! All that changed after my forties and added stress from the new desk job and life in general led to an increase of some 50 lbs. I tried to diet, even got a membership at Planet Fitness for over a year, but nothing worked until I found Elevation Weight Loss!

After only a few short months I had lost 46 pounds! My size 16 became a 6 just in time for the holidays and celebrations and I couldn’t be happier with my health either! I was facing type II diabetes and the possibility of needing medications daily. Then I was told my bone density was decreasing rapidly and I was completely vitamin B deficient! The B complex injections helped my energy levels and adding the fat burned helped me keep up with my daily chores but I really noticed the difference when I decided to try Sermorelin! Dr. Cooper was so kind and informative, who knew that talking about a diet and activity plan could be so much fun? I learned that my body was producing less human growth hormone and combined with the weight gain and energy loss my body was becoming ill. After the first month, I wasn’t sure it was for me, but then it started to melt away like butter!

I intend to continue using Sermorelin to maintain my health and weight, after all, how could a naturally occurring hormone cause any harm? As a therapist, I have done extensive research on many of the newer diet medications and believe the natural products are not only the safest but also don’t have unwanted side effects comparatively.  It’s so refreshing to know there are alternatives to the big pharm products and diet fads; besides, having Dr. Cooper as your own personal health coach is the best bonus of all!

The Grateful Graduate,

Nikki F.


“From 186 lbs. (picture right) and too embarrassed to have my picture taken out of the water …

To 140 lbs. in five short months! My confidence has improved and my health couldn’t be better! Thanks Dr. Cooper!”


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Losing Weight With Elevation Medical Weight Loss

It may be 2017 already, but at Elevation Weight Loss it feels like the new year doesn’t really begin until February. Especially with all the extra time we needed to lose those “holiday” pounds.

new year weight loss.jpg
see our list of healthy food recipes HERE


Here are some of the benefits of losing weight:

  1. Increased mobility.
  2. Reduced risk of injuries.
  3. Decreased difficulty getting up and down.
    MaiLan sitting anywhere.jpg
  4. Waking up with more energy for the day.
  5. Feeling more satisfied with smaller portions of food.
  6. Shopping for new clothes is more enjoyable.
  7. Reduced joint and back pain.
  8. Less dependence on many daily medications (but ask your family Dr. first).

As part of opening up our second location in Weirton, we would like to take this opportunity to provide accessible weight loss services to more individuals.  If you are even slightly motivated, we can help you get to your best health for 2017.

We have a referral program where you can send a friend or family to us for both parties to receive credit toward your services.  If you have questions, ask about our referral program here.

Lastly, we have certain hours that Dr. Cooper will be in for new patient evaluations for weight loss and medication refills.  If you make an appt, it will limit your wait time and we can get you in faster; also some additional hours may be available by appt only.  Usually our clients are accustomed to making appointments in any healthcare setting, so you can make appointments with us; however, walking in during these hours is absolutely OK.

*for new clients and medication refills*

PITTSBURGH (2350 Noblestown Rd. )
FRI 3p-6p & SAT 10a-1p

WEIRTON (241 Three Springs Dr.)
FRI 11-1p & SAT 3p-5p

Just a note, we are open during regular office hours to administer weekly B-12 injections, weigh in and waist measurements.

Pittsburgh Green Tree regular office hours:
Weds-Fri 12p-6p
Sat 10a-3p.

Weirton WV regular office hours:
Tues & Thurs 11a-5p
Fri 10a-2p
Sat 1p-5p

Hope to see you soon!

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Elevation Medical Weight Loss Second Location in Weirton, WV

We are excited to announce that we are opening a second location in Weirton, WV off Three Springs Dr. exit 4.


This week we will be assembling furniture and doing some final touching up. We are hoping to see you either this Saturday, January 28th 2017 from 3p-5p for a pre-launch.  Our official opening date is  Thursday, February 2nd 2017 at 11am.

Elevation Medical Weight Loss of Weirton Book an appointment using SetMore241 Three Springs Dr. Weirton, WV 26062
WEIRTON GENERAL OFFICE HOURS (shots and weigh-in) WEIRTON PHYSICIAN CLINIC HOURS (weight loss evaluations)
Tues & Thurs: 11am – 5pm
Fri: 10pm – 2pm
Sat: 1pm – 5pm

Fri: 11am – 1pm
Sat: 3pm – 5pm
Walk-ins are always welcome during these hours

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Baked Parmensan-Breaded Chicken with Broccolini

To make an appt, call us at (412) 304-2016 or schedule an appointment below:
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Today we have a low-carbohydrate recipe for crispy baked chicken without the breading.  The outer coating consisiting of parmesan and spices will be baked and then broiled to crunchy bites.  We love to bake in colder weather to heat up the kitchen.  It’s a fairly simple recipe to make and not a lot to clean up.

So we found some broccolini at the market the other day.  Broccolini is a cross between Chinese broccoli (kai-lan) and American Broccoli.  The taste is sweeter, more tender and crisper than that of broccoli.  8 stalks of broccolini is 35 calories with 6 grams of carbs.

To reiterate, all of the recipes at Elevation Medical Weight Loss are gluten-free and low-carb.  This meal will work well with both the phentermine and HCG diet, if you are a fan of chicken.


Recipe serves 6: 2 tenderloins per serving (5 oz lean chicken total)
Prep Time: 15 minutes, cooking time: 20 minutes




Chicken tenderloins, 2 lb (usually 12 strips) 1100 calories
Butter, 1/4 cup or half a stick of butter 407 calories
Parsley, 2 tbsp minced
Grated parmesan cheese, ¾ cup 323 calories 3 gram
Oregano, 1 tbsp dried
Paprika,1 tbsp
Garlic powder, 1 tsp
Salt, 1 tsp
Pepper, 1/2 tsp
Cayenne pepper, a pinch
Broccolini, 1.5 – 2 lb 350 calories 60 g
Vegetable/Canola oil, 2 tsp 80 calories
Oyster sauce, 1 tbsp 9 calories 2 g
Garlic, 1 tbsp minced
Total calories for 6 servings
2269 calories
65 g carb
Recipe serves 6
378 calories 11 g carb


  1.  Preheat oven to 425° F.
  2. Combine ingredients for the chicken tenderloin coating (Parmesan cheese, Oregano, garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper) in a bowl and stir to mix.  Set aside.
  3. Melt butter in a microwave-safe shallow pan for 60-90 seconds in microwave.
  4. For the broccolini: in a large pan on medium heat, add 2 tsp of vegetable/canola oil and add in 2 lbs of broccolini with 1/2 cup of water. Stir in minced garlic and 1 tbsp oyser sauce.  Let steam for 10-12 minutes or until desired softness.dsc_4286-large
  5. Line a baking pan or sheet with aluminum foil to reduce clean up.
  6. Dip each strip of chicken tenderloin in the melted butter, then dip into the Parmesan and spices coating.  Shake off coating excess back into the bowl. Place tenderloins on baking sheet or pan.
  7. Repeat steps to coat all of the tenderloins. Sprinkle minced parsley on top.  Place pan into oven to bake at 425° F.  Bake for 15 minutes.dsc_4285-large
  8. Check on the broccolini to see if it’s cooked to your desired liking. Turn off heat and let sit.dsc_4291-large
  9. Check on the chicken tenderloin.  Chicken tenderloins does not take too long to cook, you may use a steak knife or fork to check the middle to see if it’s done.
  10. Switch the oven to high broil.  Use a pair of good mittens to move the baking rack to the very top.  Allow 1-2  inches between the chicken tenderloins and the fire for broiling.  Broil for 5-7 minutes until coating appear crispy without being burnt (black).dsc_4296-large
  11. Turn off broil and remove chicken tenderloins from oven.

    So can I go in the oven to thaw out, mommy?
  12. Serve chicken tenderloins with broccolini (8 stalks is around 3 oz).  If you have extra calories to spare, the chicken goes very well with a few tablespoon of salsa, another recipe found HERE.dsc_4301-large

The meal is a little over 5 oz of protein, 378 calories with 11 grams of carbs. Enjoy!

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New Year Weight Loss Package Specials

To make an appt, call us at (412) 304-2016 or schedule an appointment online here.

Elevation Medical Weight Loss
 2350 Noblestown Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Happy New Year 2017!

We realize that your health is very important and we want to help you feel your best for 2017.  Let’s talk about how WE can help with the most common New Year’s Resolution: weight loss & maintaining your goal weight.

The most common complaints associated with any diet program are about fatigue and hunger.  Phentermine (Adipex) will minimize the discomfort associated with hunger by suppressing your appetite, so that your weight loss journey is much more comfortable. Most people will experience fatigue, since you are eating a fraction of what your typical calorie intake.  This is why we emphasize trying the B-12 injections for a few weeks to improve metabolism, fat loss, and energy.  The majority of our clients return for weekly follow-up to receive B-12 injections.  Weight loss is difficult, but we are here to make things much easier.

Several of our clients have requested that we put together packages to help them choose a program to be on.  For most individuals, there are no consequences of rapid weight loss.  You will not gain the weight back if you follow the program most days of the week. If you are unsure, when you come in for a Physician consult we will help you to determine which plan is best for you


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Now Accepting CareCredit

To make an appt, call us at (412) 304-2016 or schedule an appointment online here.

Elevation Medical Weight Loss
 2350 Noblestown Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15205


Over the past few months, we have had several requests to take CareCredit as a form of payment.  So now we do!

Since we are a private-pay medical weight loss clinic, CareCredit can help you pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses not covered by insurance.

CareCredit basics:

  • A credit account where there is zero-interest on shorter term financing (6, 12, or 18 months) on purchases of $200 or more.
  • Accepted at many healthcare offices for elective medical or surgical  services, such as medical weight loss, LASIK, or dental procedures.
  • Applying takes minutes and credit decision is instant. Then you can start using CareCredit right away.
  • For more information about CareCredit, click here.
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Troubleshooting Side Effects of a New Diet: Low Blood Sugar

For those who are not used to eating a low-carb diet consisting of 50 or fewer grams of carbs a day, you may occasionally experience hypoglycemia, or known as low blood sugar.  Whenever this happens, it may be a little bit alarming if you haven’t experienced these low blood sugar symptoms in the past:

The first step to dealing with low blood sugar is to recognize the symptoms of hypoglycemia (low sugar):

Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

Clammy Skin
Nausea (sick to your stomach)
Shaking, jittery, or nervous
Unsteady, difficult to walk
Feeling “off”, but not a cold
Heart may beat fast
Feel like you are going to “pass out”
Feeling “sick in your stomach”

Remember that phentermine work very well to suppress your appetite, so if you’re used to eating every 4 hours, and suddenly you take phentermine and don’t eat for 8 hours stretches, you may be more susceptible to some unwanted side effects like feeling jittery, nauseated, or get sweaty since your body isn’t accustomed to fasting for longer than a certain amount of time.

However, if you’re used to regularly going 6-8 hours without eating a meal, you may not get these symptoms at all because you have trained your body to even out blood sugar spikes and falls over long stretches, that means you are quite the expert at regulating your own blood sugar level and won’t have any side effects.

What do you do when you think your blood sugar is running low?



Quick Treatment of Low Blood Sugar

A cookie
A handful of candy
A small cup of juice
A few big gulp of regular soda
Pictured here is MaiLan helping us get our blood sugar levels back up.  No, not really, all that candy is for her.

Basically, eat anything with sugar to quickly get rid of your hypoglycemia.  The recommend  intake is 20-40 grams of simple carbohydrate.  The fastest acting simple carbohydrates are sweet drinks, like lemonade or juices with sugar added, or even regular soda.   Other options are just anything you can quickly grab in the pantry, such as crackers, candy, or a cookie.  Often, sugary beverages or snacks will take roughly 15 minutes to work to correct your blood sugar issue.

Having low blood sugar is quite an annoyance, but at least it’s a decently fun problem to fix.  Remember to recognize early symptoms of hypoglycemia, such as feeling jittery, shaky, nauseated, or sweaty, and consume a small bit of sweet food/beverages to rapidly bring your sugar level to normal.



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Let’s Talk About Poop

A constipated face, 2016.

Growing up we are taught that everybody poops, however if you are new to a low calorie/low carbohydrate diet you may find this isn’t always case. In addition to the effect of diet on your “movements”, one of the most common side effects of phentermine, or Adipex, is constipation.  Since roughly 1 in 3 of our clients will experience this issue, We want to take some time to address what can be done to keep things “going”.

When you begin to eat lower calorie meals and consisting of healthier foods, you’ll likely be consuming far less volume than you normally would.  As a result, you may produce less waste, and that translates to less quality bathroom time.  For those adhering to our diet program, it is relatively common to go to the bathroom as little as once every 2-3 days, instead of every day like you are used to.   For the individuals on the HCG diet,  your calories are much more limited, so you may use the bathroom every 3-4 days and still produce normal stools.

Let’s discuss some things you can do you can maximize your chances of going to the bathroom:



At least 1 gallon of water a day Drink enough water
Don’t wait to use the bathroom Go as soon as you have the urge
Obtain enough non-soluble fiber Eat green, leafy vegetables (low-carb)
Increase physical activity Get some exercise.  Move around
Walking after meals helps with digestion and going

When you are dehydrated, your body absorbs water from the intestines, making your stool firm and hard to pass.  Essentially, you need enough water to soften the stool for a bowel movement.  Also, you need enough bulk, easily supplemented with additional insoluble fiber, so there is volume to pass. It is important to note that you should always try go to the bathroom as soon as you have the urge, rather than waiting for a ‘more convenient’ time to avoid exacerbating the issue.  Lastly, getting some post-meal exercise by taking a 30 minute walk down the block can really help the body process your food and more readily eliminate the waste.  It’s nice outside and there are a few PokeStop down the road, “gotta pass’em all” right?

Finally, if after all that effort you still can’t go,  we suggest picking up some Magnesium Oxide tablets from any pharmacy or grocery store.  Magnesium is a naturally occurring element that is very poorly absorbed when taken by mouth, which means it doesn’t spend much time in your gut and helps carry stuck waste out with it.  One of the actions of magnesium is to keep water in your intestines to soften the stool, and it does a very good job of that.  It is one of the safest remedies for constipation and is non-habit forming since is it an osmotic laxative.  Osmotic laxatives retain water in the bowels without stimulating the intestines to contract, so there are no long term health consequences.  These type of laxatives do not get absorbed into your body, but instead exert its actions on the bowels and then moves on during your next bathroom stop.

Treatment for Constipation Treatment Rating Directions
Magnesium oxide, 400 mg or 500 mg tablets 5-stars Take 2-3 tabs daily for 3 days, then 1-2 tabs daily after
Miralax (generic version is fine) 4-stars.jpg Take 2 scoops dissolved in water daily for 3 days, then 1 scoop daily after (flavor your water to hide the powdery taste)
Fleet enema 3-stars.jpg Take as directed on the bottle for instant relief.
Magnesium citrate 3-stars Drink 1 bottle once.  Does not taste good. This will most likely cause abdominal cramping before a movement.
Milk of Magnesia, Cherry or Lemon Flavor ONLY 2-stars.jpg Follow dosing instructions according to the bottle.  One of the worst tasting medications out there. However, very effective.

We don’t really recommend taking Benefiber because it does not seem to work that consistently compared to the listed options, and also it has unnecessary calories and the taste was not worth it.  We hope this article will help to clear you out.


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Grilled Salmon with Zucchini: 314 calories

Here is a quick and easy grilled salmon recipe you can have prepared and serve in about half an hour.  Lemon or lime has to be one of our favorite addition to seafood because it reduces the amine compound that is responsible for the “fishy” smell in seafood.





Salmon, skinless 6 oz  (or 4 oz w/ skin) 241 calories  
Zucchini, sliced, 2 cups 38 calories 7 g carb
Strawberries, 4 medium 15 calories 3 g carb
½ tsp oil for zucchini 20 calories  
TOTAL 314 calories 10 g carb

The ingredients are friendly for a gluten-free diet or just when you are trying to live healthier.


The seasonings are quite flexible.  We used Montreal seasoning found in the pantry, but you can make your own by combining 2 tsp paprika, 2 tsp black pepper, 2 tsp kosher salt, 1 tsp garlic, 1 tsp onion, 1 tsp red pepper flakes.


Lemon, 1 slice
Montreal seasoning, generous amount
Rosemary, a couple of sprigs
Thyme, a couple of sprigs
Try to keep the baby away from your ingredients


  1. Turn on the grill for preheating.
  2. Generously rub Montreal seasoning into all sides of the salmon.  Transfer the salmon to a large piece of foil paper.  Squeeze a slice of lemon on top of the salmon.  Put the squeezed lemon on top of the salmon. Crush the thyme and rosemary with your fingers and put the sprigs on top.  Wrap up the salmon, lemon, thyme and rosemary inside the foil to prepare for grilling.  This will allow the salmon soak up the seasoning for a moist, tasty meal.
  3. For the zucchini, drizzle 1/2 tsp of oil on top. We used canola oil, but you can use whichever oil you have in the pantry.  Transfer the zucchini onto a big sheet of aluminum foil and wrap it up for grilling.

    Transfer the wrapped packages to the grill.
  4. Grill the salmon on medium heat with the lid closed for about 6-8 minutes on each side. The zucchini only needs roughly half of the time on the grill, so 2-5 minutes on each side.
  5. Open the foil.  Transfer the contents to a plate.  Serve with strawberries.  We hope this recipe gives you a couple of ideas for your next meal 🙂