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Spring Cleaning Your Health


Spring means new beginnings, fresh starts and reorganizing.  When we think of spring several things usually come to mind:

  • flowers
  • warmer weather
  • being outdoors, and
  • spring cleaning -yuck!

The idea of spring cleaning is something that you either dread or very much look forward to. It also doesn’t have to apply just your home or office, it’s actually a great time for re-organizing your life.

By this time of year most of us have given up on our new year’s resolutions however, you don’t have to wait until 2019 to start back up.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with a whole tear down, instead start small and work your way to the bigger things.  Decluttering is a perfect way to start.

  • Go to your closet, and throw out your “fat” clothes. Don’t give yourself a reason to get back into your old habits; if an item is more than 1 size too big you no longer have any use for it.  Thrift it or gift it!
  • Go to your pantry.  Pull out all expired foods and throw them away.  Get rid of the “junk” you bought in a moment of weakness.  Give it to someone who would enjoy it, or put it in your office break room (this works especially well for people engaged in workplace weight loss competitions).  
  • It’s time to throw out that Christmas candy. Really! You don’t need it and it’s probably getting a little gross.
  • Stress, even small amounts of it, can be very unhealthy for you and sometimes you will make poor food choices because of it.  People can feel compelled to eat when you are happy when you are sad or, most commonly, when you are stressed. Even the small things can help manage your stress level, many of us use several different social media websites which can become far more stressful than relaxing. Unfriend dramatic people on your lists. You will be surprised how enjoyable your social media time will become by comparison.
  • Turn your spring cleaning into spring training!  Why not turn your deep cleaning into a workout? Crank up the music and do squats while holding a bucket of cleaning supplies. Squat to put things into your lower cupboards. Do lunges while vacuuming or mopping.  Every little bit helps.


Most importantly, spring is the perfect time to come out of your winter hibernation.  Dust off your walking shoes and just start moving a little at a time. Need some extra energy to get you started? Stop by our office forget a B-12 shot, if you are dieting or just not eating perfectly, the extra B-12 can make all the difference.  Any adult can get one– any time that we are open, just come right in and we will be there to help.