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There’s No Shame in the Gain

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If there is one subject that any weight loss organization doesn’t want to talk about, it’s gaining weight.  It’s an unfortunate reality for some of us, and it’s not one we are proud of.  Why is it that we feel like a complete failure when we gain a pound or two?  Most of the time, we know why it happens:  i.e., the 2 pieces of pizza we ate, the 2 glasses of wine, the ice cream we devoured. We know when we are doing it that it is wrong, at the time, we don’t care.  It’s afterward that we feel the guilt.  For that moment, we give up what we want the most, for what we want at that minute.

Now we are in no way telling you that it’s ‘ok’ to gain, that is definitely not part of our program, we are just letting you know that if it happens, how to deal with it.  Consistent gains are not what we are referring to. We are talking about mere “snaccidents”, not full binges.

Behavioral Medicine reports that you’re most tempted to stray from a healthy eating plan when:

  • It’s late at night
  • You’re tired
  • Alcohol is involved
  • You’re hanging out with friends.

Sound familiar? It may be impossible to completely avoid these things, but it’s good to be aware.  Also, just because a food is considered “healthy”, it doesn’t mean you can eat an unhealthy amount of it.

Do you feel like you are angry at yourself for being “weak” and caving to your cravings? Do you feel like you have failed yet again? -Accept it. You did it, own it.  Don’t beat yourself up, but rather just move on.  You are human. You make mistakes. Yes, we all do.  Failure?  Not so much. Quit being so hard on yourself.

Pick yourself up and let us help you get back on track!  You can’t change the past. Focus on what is within your control–today and the future. With our help, you can do it.  The key is accountability.

If you haven’t seen us in months, and don’t want to come back because you have gained, please do.  Come back, you could use our help now more than ever. No judgement…just get back on track.  You’ll be glad you did! Our goal has always been to help you reach yours!