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Banana Ice Cream: 1 Ingredient

Some have asked us if we allow a “loading phase” when starting the HCG injections diet, and our answer is that it varies.  A “loading phase” is when you consume high calorie and high carb meals for the initial  1-2 days of the HCG plan before drastically reducing caloric intake.  While we feel that it is not necessary to “load up”, you are allowed a couple of meals if you prefer.  However, we encourage you to start your new diet right away, since from our experience you will feel and see the results much faster.

Another questions is whether or not we allow a “cheat meal” when you’re on the program. The answer is yes, as long as you do not consistently eat anything out of the ordinary during the course of your 30 days commitment. By that we mean that a treat or two is fine, but scheduling in frequent cheats will definitely slow any progress you hope to make.

So if you’re craving something sweet, you may give in to a small “treat” that hardly even counts as a cheat, like this easy to make 1-ingredient banana ice cream.

Pick out 3 ripe bananas to make 2 servings for this recipe.  You can use a small food processor or just crush the bananas with a spoon.


Recipe serves two.  155  calories /serving (with 40 grams of carbs  per serving)
Ingredient Calories Carb
Banana, 3 medium 310 calories 81 g carb
It’s chilly and you’re making ice cream? Otay, I will help


  1. Peel 3 bananas and place it in a food processor to blend until smooth.  Alternatively, you can transfer the bananas in a bowl and crush and blend them with a wooden spoon.DSC_3555.jpg
  2. Transfer the contents to two small bowls or ramekins.DSC_3567.jpg
  3. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the freezer for 3-6 hours until frozen.DSC_3606.jpg
  4. Recipe serves two.  The  more you blended the bananas earlier, the smoother it is. The consistency is similar to sorbet ice cream. You may top off with some whipped topping, such as Reddi Whip, which is 15 calories for 2 tablespoon.DSC_3618.jpg

Enjoy this delicious, simple recipe!