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Over 115 Pounds Down, Marijayne’s journey


I started my journey at the beginning of 2017 when I decided it was time for me to get myself back together after years of diet struggles, failed weight loss attempts. I had tried everything g under the sun at this point. I have struggled with weight issues my whole life and it seemed I would lose but never be able to maintain it, and wasn’t interested in being on a diet my whole life nor saw enough results to continue being motivated.

In January 2017 a friend of mine was telling me she was about to start a program to promote weight loss as she just had a baby and wanted to lose the weight. She notified me of how things were doing for her as she started the program and she was getting a lot of success. This intrigued me, so I called Elevation Medical Weight Loss and made an appointment.

I was nervous, skeptical, and hoping that this was my answer to my weight loss troubles. I got to my appointment and even brought my mom with me. The staff and doctors were very nice, informative and supportive of my situation and goals. So I committed myself to the program and this started day one.

I adjusted my food intake and paired with the medications they gave me, I could see the weight coming off in the first week. Although I would have loved to have spent time in the gym as part of the process, it just wasn’t feasible as I  work two full-time jobs and go to school full time. I continued on this program for six months and lost a substantial amount of weight but I was nervous about what was going to happen once I stopped the program. So I decided to try that and see what happens. I stopped the program for six months and I continued to lose weight about 30 pounds over that period and although it wasn’t as fast it was still good progress. I decided to go back on the program in February of 2018 to reach my goal weight and it’s is working, I am still losing the weight! I couldn’t be happier and so grateful for Elevation Medical Weight Loss for their continued support in my journey. I also used their vitamin B shots to aide in my process. I would recommend them to anybody who has a desire to finally lose the weight. Give them a call!! I know I’m happy I did. My starting weight was 285 and my current weight is 167. Check out my pics for proof!!

Marijayne P.


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