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Tracking For Now and Later

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When most people first come to see us, their introduction included several urgings as to the importance of tracking calories.  We know that this advice will sometimes fall on deaf ears, but we wanted to take time to reiterate the importance of tracking calories when attempting to lose weight through diet.

Whether you are using appetite suppressants, HCG, or just plain old dieting, you will find that errors in estimating calories can add up throughout the day to a surprising degree. If you doubt this, test yourself on a variety of everyday foods and compare this to what you can find on any number of calorie counter websites. Even if you do well in this controlled setting, I would be cautious to trust your instincts in the real world, especially if these instincts have already played a role in your weight gain.

Also keep in mind that with lower calorie diets, such as those used with HCG or by certain individuals with slower base metabolisms,  the margin for error is far smaller. Overestimating by 50 calories per meal make a much bigger difference for someone eating 800 calories a day than someone eating 1600.

Finally, we want to encourage you to begin tracking calories not just for now but also for the future. We have found that the best way to prevent post-diet weight rebounds is by spending adequate time tracking your calories when attempting to eat at “weight maintenance” diet. By getting feedback through your tracker you can better train your body to feel satisfied with the appropriate amount of food for you to avoid subsequent weight gain.

A free app we recommend to track is MyPlate Calorie Counter from Livestrong.

MaiLan tracked this as 1 cupcake 🙂

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  1. Wonder if there’s a difference in the HCG injection with the b12 added and the one I had the first time without?

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