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What do I need know about your weight loss program?
Our weight loss program focuses on YOU to achieve your goal weight to lose as comfortably or fast as you would like.  There are no hidden fees, no start up fees.  The physician visit are ALWAYS free. Our pricing can be found here for phentermine, and sermorelin, or here for B Vitamin injections. Your visit will include the filling of medications on site.  You will leave with the tools and resources you need to start your weight loss journey right away.

**Please note that you can be evaluated for weight loss or obtain medication (including refills) only during physician clinics hours or by scheduling an appt here.**

What is the cost to participate in the program?
The costs includes a full medical evaluation from a licensed physician.  Our expert team will evaluate your weight loss needs using a combination of medications, dietary program, and exercise plan to help you toward a healthier lifestyle. A month of medications (phentermine, furosemide, and chromium) is $90, or two month for $170. We also offer different Vitamin B-12 shots (metabolism, energy, or fat burner blend). See here for details.

Will phentermine work for me? Am I guaranteed to lose weight?
There is absolutely no diet program or diet pill that can honestly guarantee weight loss.  Each person has different needs and we will work with you to individualize your diet plan to achieve the most healthy weight loss.  90% of patients lose a significant amount of weight with our program.

What are the side effects of phentermine or being part of your program?
Well, the most common side effect is weight loss, typically 10%-15% of your body weight in about 2-3 months.  The majority of patients experience some degree dry mouth and possible headaches.  We recommend increasing your water intake to a gallon of water a day to stay well hydrated.  If you are very active or over 6 ft tall, you may need about a gallon and a half of water a day.

Are there certain criteria or requirements for me to start on phentermine?
Generally, it is up to the physician on staff to evaluate what is the best option for you based on what you want.  We require your BMI to be 24 or above to use phentermine for weight loss.  A BMI calculator can be found here based on your height and weight. The reason being phentermine is used to treat obesity, and if you are not obese or have a high body fat percentage, then you will not be a good candidate to use phentermine.

Again, these criteria are based on the physician’s discretion.  For instance, if you come in with a BMI of 31 and have only 13% body fat, the physician will not prescribe phentermine since you are NOT obese.

You have to be generally in good health to use phentermine.  For instance, you have to have a healthy heart (no previous diagnosis of heart attack, coronary heart disease, valvular heart defects, congestive heart failure..) and no previous history or recurrent seizures such as epilepsy, or have a history of previous strokes.  You can have diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol and use phentermine for weight loss to manage these conditions. In fact, we have had many clients who participate in our program and lost enough weight to where are no longer required to take many of their diabetic medications (metformin, insulin, etc.), high blood pressure medications, or high cholesterol medications as a result of losing weight and improving their health.

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