9 Tips for Losing Weight from a Fit Physician

DSC_1283Throughout my  years helping thousands of clients lose literal tons of fat, I have received many questions about how I managed to stay lean & lose my baby weight just months after giving birth to my now one year old daughter.  So here are the highlights:

  1. Drink more water. A lot more,  actually. . You may have heard that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day.  I’d second that advice, so long as you use 16-oz glasses/bottles.  That’s right, I advise that you should drink about 1 gallon (128 oz) of calorie-free fluids daily to stay well-hydrated. Quite often when your body sends signals that it is thirsty, your brain will misinterpret this thirst as hunger.  Drink 16-oz of water when you first think you are getting hungry between meals and wait 30 minutes to see if you are truly hungry.  Having extra hydration is especially important when you are using an appetite suppressant (such as phentermine or Adipex) as a tool to aid in weight loss.
  2. Don’t snack, have real meals instead.   This is important when the goal is fat loss. Since you are on a calorie-restricted diet and are allowed ~1,200 calories a day, you need to have real meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) at planned times.
  3. Keep your meal times consistent. If you must have 3 meals a day, have designated time (usually a 1 hour window) that you will eat.  If you miss this time frame, you must wait until the next meal.
  4. Delay breakfast for as long as possible. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat.  Evening times may be the worst time for snacking, so if you are still under your calorie goal by dinner, you can enjoy your dinner a bit more 😉
  5. Calorie in < calorie out. By eating a calorie deficit diet, the majority of healthy individuals WILL lose weight. That includes you.
  6. You cannot out-exercise what you eat. Well, you probably can but you don’t want to. Spending 2 hours in the gym will most likely not make up for the “cheat meal” from last night. A large amount of time is required to burn off even a paltry 100 calories, you don’t even want to imagine how long it’ll take to burn off that Tall Mocha Frappaccino from Starbucks.
  7. Track calories for consistent weight loss results.  I have used ALL of the apps out there, from Myfitnesspal to Lose It! to Fat Secret and many other ones.  My favorite is MyPlate Calorie Counter from Livestrong.  You will obtain excellent results if you track calories daily for each meal. The constant reminder of what you put into you body really makes it easy to make difficult choices when you are tempted by your favorite snacks.
  8. Abs are made in the kitchen.  Really!
  9. You do not have to exercise to lose weight. Ok, I may have already said this but it bears repeating. Exercise isn’t NECESSARY to lose fat, but exercising will help reduce stress, tone your muscles and help shape your body, while making it easier to keep your weight loss progress for the long term.

Thank you for reading.  And good luck in your journey to feeling better and improving your health!




18 thoughts on “9 Tips for Losing Weight from a Fit Physician

  1. Braden Bills says:

    I’ve been trying to come up with a good way to lose weight. I didn’t know that drinking more water would actually help! I guess it makes sense, since it would help you keep going with your workouts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Faylinn says:

    I have been trying to lose weight and get more fit for a while now, which is why I have been working really hard on eating more consistently and drinking more water too. However, I have no idea about what you mean by abs being made in the kitchen. What about the kitchen can make me more fit?

  3. Lyn Bailey says:

    Wow this program makes so much sense. I have a prescription for phentermine ( Duromine ) here in Australia & will now get it filled. I have been looking to lose weight and researching different ways and this is the one I have been looking for. I am so looking forward to following this program.
    Thank you

  4. adem says:

    these tips are very helpful. I have been looking to lose weight and searching for diffrent weight loosing programms in Los Vegas. This tips are very helpful. Thanks for these tips sharing.

  5. healthcoachingexpert says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely experience with us , actually fit and healthy body is very important now a days. If you want to lose weight ,first of all you have to check what are you eating in your daily diet plan . You should also consult a certified health coach , who keeps track your diet plans .

  6. Paley Institute says:

    First of all , I want to appreciate to you for posting this amazing blog. Actually I am also trying to losing weight from last 3 months and seriously these tips helps me a lot. Keep sharing like this.

  7. Ema Watson says:

    Wow, what a great post. I really like it very much. I am a mom of two children’s and trying to lose some of mine kilos. I definitely going to follow your health tips.Please keep sharing like this kinds of blogs.

  8. james bear says:

    Wow !!! Your Blog tips are really appreciable i really like these. Fitness is more important thing in our busy lifestyle. If you need a happy life then you need a healthy and active body.

  9. John says:

    I thought it was interesting how you said that it’s important to have planned meals throughout the day. I’m a big snacker, and I wonder if that is why I have a lot of weight I need to lose. I’m a terrible meal prepper though, but I’ve heard some weight loss programs can provide helpful tips on how to plan out healthy meals. Is that true?

  10. Lorena Guerrero says:

    Thanks for great article, many people are searching for perfect weight loss program, but they overlook the most important factor – motivation, the truth is that they can take an average one and get amazing results with self-discipline or they can choose the best one and see no results because of lack of motivation! Thanks

  11. Phenq says:

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  12. lisa says:

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