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HCG Diet Program at Elevation Medical Weight Loss

Since we officially opened Elevation Medical Weight Loss on June 1, we have had a few questions regarding our HCG injections diet program.

What does your HCG program consist of?
Our program is a 30-day diet plan geared for rapid fat loss.  The 30-day HCG program comes in a 4000 IU vial that you use 12.5 units daily.  We do not offer drops.  In our experience, the most effective HCG protocol is by injection, and this is done by using a very tiny needle that goes right beneath the skin.  The needle is about as thin as a fishing line and ⅓ inch long.

I really would like to try the HCG program to jumpstart my weight loss, but I am not comfortable with needles.  How do I know that I can perform the injections myself?

The needles we use are ultra-fine insulin syringes, which you will barely feel the shot. Here is a video to demonstrate how simple it can be for you to perform the injection.  Also, we would be more than happy to walk you through an actual demonstration with sterile water when you come by the clinic.

How to Use HCG injection syringe on the stomach

This video illustrates how to self-administer HCG diet injections for rapid fat loss at Elevation Medical Weight Loss in Pittsburgh

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  1. I just started the HCG program yesterday, so a dose at the office and a dose this morning. Question is there side effects? Last night I was on the toilet alot and today I’ve had a major migraine and vomited once. Been in bed all day. I was instructed to take 30 units. Is this to much for a first timer?

    1. Hi Marcia,

      The most common side effects of HCG include irritation at the site of injection, redness, swelling, or nausea. You may be experiencing migraines and vomiting from a drastic change in diet and eating pattern. The 30 units that we instructed you to take is safe. I will be giving you a text message shortly.

      Dr. Cooper

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