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Ashley Has Met Her Goal!


As a child, teenager and into a young adult, I’ve always struggled with weight. I would go
home from school as a 3rd grader, crying to my mom about the other girls who made fun of me or what another kid on the bus said. My mother would always tell me I’m beautiful and to not let others get me down. As I got older I always had to have my hair perfect, my makeup perfect and my nails done every other week, but my weight was never a concern to me.

Going to college, I ate like every other college student and continued to gain weight.
Always feeling self-conscious and never letting go of the little girl inside, I always felt bad just never let it show. I would try diets, work out and cleanses, which would seem to fade away within a few weeks. I never made any significant progress or felt better.

It wasn’t until I started with Elevation Weight Loss that my life started to change. I began
to eat more healthy, become more active and began feeling better about myself. I was able to not only meet my goal but surpass it. I am able to lead a more healthy lifestyle, not to feel self-conscious and continue to make new goals to meet. I am no longer worried about health issues that could arise due to being overweight.

What I thought was going to be the most difficult thing to do, become more motivating
with every day that passed and every pound that was dropped. I am able to maintain my weight loss by drinking a lot of water, maintaining low carbs and avoiding sugars. I now eat a lot of greens and venison, which is lean and lower in calories than beef. While I am still on my journey to become more healthy and leaner, I could not have started, achieved, nor keep going without Elevation Weight Loss and support.

-Ashley G.

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