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600 Calorie Meal Plan

Typically the lowest calorie diets we prescribe on the HCG rapid weight loss program is 600 calories/day.  This very low calorie diet is usually reserved for individuals with less active lifestyles who are targeting 0.5-2 lbs of weight loss a day.  We also recommend trying to eat very few carbohydrates, ideally we would have you consume less than 30 grams of carbs daily to maximize your results.

While it is possible to eat 600 calories a day on phentermine alone, we find that with few exceptions such a low calorie diet has too many negative side effects to be done without the help of HCG.  By practice, the HCG shots encourages lipolysis (fat loss) without compromising muscle mass.  Also, HCG is generally better tolerated by clients who are sensitive to stimulants such as phentermine or who are otherwise disqualified from the use of stimulant medication.

As seen below, our suggested plan allows for 2 meals a day.  You may start each day with breakfast, skip lunch, then have dinner; or however you prefer to arrange your 2 meals.  The majority of our clients have busy schedules, so we find that skipping a meal makes it much easier for a busy person to plan out their meals; not to mention how difficult it can be to find good meals options when away from the kitchen.  Do be sure to include 32 oz of water with each of your meals to target at least a gallon of water a day.

600 Calories Per Day Meal Plan for HCG program: click here to download PDF

9DaysdietMealPlan-600 calories-1.png

Before going on any diet or meal plan, please consult with us or with your personal physician for a general health clearance.  To make an appointment with us, click here.

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