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emmwl-weir2017Until now we have offered through our website the opportunity to book appointments for our various B-12 injections. We have done this in an effort to better accommodate those with less flexible schedules, however we have found it to cause more confusion than good so we have decided to remove the option from our appointment scheduler.

Don’t worry, this change will not limit the times during which you can come in for B-12 injections but rather you may still come in at any time during which we have regular hours. If our open sign is on, you can come on in for shots.

So to further clarify, no appointments need to be (no can be) made for B-12 injections, appointments are available only for new fills or refills on prescription medications, and only required during non-walk in Physician hours.

What Makes Our HCG Program Different Than What You Might Expect

To make an appt, call us or schedule an appointment online here
Book an appointment using SetMoreElevation Medical Weight Loss of Pittsburgh & Weirton
2350 Noblestown Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15205 (412) 304-2016 
241 Three Springs Dr. Weirton, WV 26062 (304) 914-3112

HCG injections are a popular, safe, and effective method to lose weight.  Typically, if you follow our meal plan and calorie guidance, you can expect to lose 15-35 lbs a month.  Our HCG diet program may differ from many alternatives in the Pittsburgh area in ways that make the program very flexible. Our HCG program is:

  • Accessible to almost everyone
  • Simple to follow.  No loading phase or pre-binging required
  • The program is customized for you
    • HCG can be mixed (reconstituted) with either bacteriostatic (medical-grade) water, or a combination of cyanocobalamin/Lipotrophic/Fat Burner B-12 solution to enhance efficacy and improve fat loss.
    • Titratable dosing.  During your visit, we will guide you through drawing up the HCG from the vial into small, insulin syringes for dosing.
      • Since the same 125 IU or 150 IU does not work for everyone, you have the option of increasing or decreasing your dose to maximize treatment.
        • Women tend to do better at lower doses, ranging from 100 IU – 150 IU.
        • Men tend to do well at higher doses, ranging from 150 IU – 200 IU.
  • We use the smallest injection insulin-type needles possible, 31 gauge– so that you will barely feel a pinch.
  • No limit on wearing makeup or using certain shampoos, deodorants, or lotions
  • No hidden fees or start-up costs.  Our HCG program is $195 and includes everything you need for 30 days

How to Use HCG injection syringe on the stomach

This video illustrates how to self-administer HCG diet injections for rapid fat loss at Elevation Medical Weight Loss in Pittsburgh & Weirton

Several FAQs regarding HCG injections

What does your HCG program consist of?
Our program is a 30-day diet plan geared for rapid fat loss.  The 30-day HCG program comes in a 5000 IU vial that you use 125-175 IU daily.  We do not offer drops, since in our experience the most effective HCG protocol is by injection. This injection is given using a tiny needle that goes just beneath the skin.  The needle is about as thin as a fishing line and ⅓ inch long.

I really would like to try the HCG program to jumpstart my weight loss, but I am not comfortable with needles.  How do I know that I can perform the injections myself?
The needles we use are ultra-fine insulin syringes, and so you should barely feel the injection. Above is a video to demonstrate how simple it can be for you to perform the injection.  Also, we would be more than happy to walk you through an actual demonstration with sterile water when you come by the clinic.

What are the side effects?
HCG shots are generally very well tolerated.  During the first couple of days, a few people may experience morning nausea and irritability, similar to other methods involving calorie-restrictions; however, if you quickly consume 15-20 grams of simple carbohydrates, you will find quick relief of these symptoms.
For women who have heavier menstrual cycle, you may experience more intense symptoms associated with your flow, such as cramping and slightly heavier bleeding.  This may be alleviated by avoiding HCG use during 3-4 days of your menstrual cycle.  In fact, we recommend to abstain from HCG use during the heavier days of your cycle for the same reasons.

What are the benefits beside rapid weight loss?
Proper usage in the morning will increase your energy and suppress hunger.  This effect is maximized when you follow our simple dietary instructions of eating unprocessed foods.  You will feel “normal” while on a calorie restriction for rapid fat loss without symptoms of fatigue or starvation.

What can I do to maximize my success on the HCG program?
Besides following our basic instructions on diet and hydration, most people choose to add phentermine along with a combination of B-12 & Fat Burner/Lipotrophic shots.  The phentermine (Adipex) works synergistically with HCG to provide the best result.  We have had many clients described this particular combination as “easy”.

Will I gain the weight back after I lose it?
We are not in control of your appetite or behavior and so we can make no guarantees, however we aim to provide you with the necessary tool and guidance to keep off the weight that you lose.  We can assure you that if you are smaller frame, you will continue to lose weight eating double the calories of the prescribed HCG diet (1200-1600 calories a day), or under 2500 calories/day for the large frame bodies.  In summary, through proper counseling and guidance, you will keep the weight off and continue to lose more fat if you make an active effort in improving your health and well-being.

Keeping It Simple: What to Count to Make Your Diet Work For You


If you’ve come in and received nutritional counseling at Elevation Medical Weight Loss, you probably noticed that we take a more relaxed approach to dieting than many would expect.  As a result, this leads to several frequent followup questions. Before we continue let us be clear, healthier and more nutritious food choices are always preferred for general health and wellness. What we want to address today are the nuts and bolts of our dietary recommendations, and what matters on a daily basis so you can make more informed decisions when circumstances limit your food options.

In the strange and surprisingly vast world of online bodybuilding forums you will frequently run across the acronym, IIFYM (if it fits your macros). “If It Fits Your Macros” is a school of thought that so long as you eat the appropriate amount of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat, and protein) you will get the results you want. When you come in for a consultation with myself or Dr. Cooper, we will typically give you two numbers; a calorie goal and a carbohydrate goal. We focus on these two numbers because when it comes to fat loss, these are what you need to get right in order to get results.

Calorie counting is important, since you can physically only lose as much weight as the amount of fat you burn for fuel. There are, of course, other factors that impact weight loss.  But when it comes down to it, the single most important factor is whether or not you consume fewer calories than you expend. Calories will also tend to control your food choices a bit, since fat has more calories per gram than carbohydrates or protein, you can only eat so much fat while staying within your targeted calorie range.

When we provide nutritional counseling, we spend a significant amount of time discussing the importance of reducing or (nearly) eliminating carbohydrates from the diet. The reason for this is two fold:

  • Firstly, consuming carbohydrates can cause insulin spikes, and since insulin is an anabolic hormone this is the last thing you want while attempting to lose weight. (anabolic hormones essentially tell your body to grow with no concern for how, and in most cases make you grow wider)
  • Secondly, your body prefers to burn glucose (carbohydrates) because it is easier than burning fat. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you are constantly fighting your appetite the last thing you want to do is to put off burning fat for later. Basically, the fewer carbs you consume, the more time you will spend burning body fat as your primary fuel source and the time your body spends adjusting to a constantly changing diet.

While there is always more to learn, especially about nutrition and health, if you remember to focus on these two elements of your diet you should see the progress you want. By keeping your calories low and largely avoiding carbohydrates, you can put you body in the best position to burn fat and when it comes to losing weight, every little bit of help is welcome.

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Super Easy Deviled Eggs


What to do when you have an extra dozen of eggs in the fridge and about 40 minutes? Turn them into a tasty meal by adding some spices and condiments.

Super Easy Deviled Eggs

    Prep time: 15 min          Wait Time: 20 minutes             Cook time: 10 min

Ingredient Calories Protein Carbs
12 large eggs 880 calories 76 g 5 g
1/3 cup real mayonnaise 480 1 g 1 g
1 tbsp yellow mustard
½ tsp paprika
1/3 tsp ground pepper
1/3 tsp salt
TOTAL 1360 calories 77 g protein 6 g carb

**recipe makes 24 deviled eggs.  Serves 4.   Each serving is 6 pieces, containing 340 calories, 26 g protein, 1.5 g carb.  Each deviled egg piece is 56 calories. **


1. Place eggs in a large pan and cover completely with an extra inch of water on top. Turn on high heat, cover with lid.
2. Bring to a hard rolling boil.  As soon as the water looks angry, turn off the heat and let the eggs sit for 12-15 minutes with the lid on top.  This will make the perfect hard boiled eggs.
3. Carefully drain hot water down the sink.  Submerge the eggs in cold tap water to cool.  Drain, then cover the eggs with a generous amount of ice for 3-5 minutes for further  cooling. 4. Drain the ice and water.  With the lid on, roll the eggs around vigorously to crack the shells. See video.

5. Slice the eggs in half.  Put all the egg yolk in a quart-sized ziplock bag.  Mix in mayo, mustard, paprika, salt and pepper.  Squeeze the bag to blend the mixture.

6.  Cut a corner of the ziplock bag and squeeze the yolk mixture on the half egg.  Sprinkle on paprika/chili powder and serve.   


When It Comes to Weight Loss: Muscle Matters


Over the past few generations, countless people have exhausted themselves trying to “lose weight”. Rather, you should focus on exactly what are your “weight loss” goals. There’s no need to throw away the scale, but do keep in mind that in addition to fat, the amount of water and muscle that you have on your body can fluctuate greatly. Sometimes when the number on the scale goes up, it can be a good thing. The reason is simple: muscle takes up less space than fat, so a pound of muscle gained will shape your body differently than a pound of fat, while the number on the scale may remain the same. We don’t have to tell you that muscle looks much more visually pleasing. In addition to the aesthetic difference between muscle and fat, each pound of muscle gained burns roughly an extra 50 calories a day, which means that having more muscle will allow you to eat slightly more and there is some extra leeway in maintaining your body weight. It also means that for every pound of muscle lost, you will burn 50 calories fewer per day, sabotaging long term fat loss.

fat-vs-muscles background gone

So what does all of this mean to someone just wanting to shed some body fat? It means that if you want to get the best results, you should take up strength training. While not absolutely necessary for fat loss, strength training makes losing fat much easier while helping you notice faster results. Especially when eating at a calorie deficit diet, your body will protect muscle that is being used over muscle that isn’t, and so strength training preserves what muscle you have during the long term fat loss process. In other words, you lose what you don’t use kind-of-deal.

It also means that while dieting, you need to take measures to protect the muscle that you already have. There are a few things that you can do to help preserve muscle mass, like increasing protein intake, weight training, using the Elevation HCG diet, and meal timing (a more advanced technique worthy of its own post at a later time).  These factors all have a protective effect on your muscle mass during your slimming down.

So just remember that while exercise of any kind is a good addition to proper dieting, strength training has extraordinary benefits that often go overlooked when starting a fat loss program. Not only will you lose weight more easily while keeping muscle tone and improved metabolism, but you may find a new favorite hobby that will keep you fit.

Real Results from Real Patients

Dan lost over 100 lbs in 10 months*.

hi everybody, it’s hard to believe that we’ve come to our last section.>> That used to be me. I was over 300 pounds just a few years ago. I have lost a lot of weight over the years on various different diets. I’ve lost 30 pounds at a time or more but it always comes back and it adds a little bit extra when it does.

That was until Elevation, Elevation Weight Loss, there’s no strict or secret to it. Basically it’s just a matter of tracking your calories and then burning more calories than what you consume. That’s the only way to really, lose weight and keep it off. Now it’s not easy, but if you commit to that, Elevation Medical Weight Loss can help you make a little bit easier and allow you to succeed.

I know I did it, and I failed at a lot of diets before. So if I could do it, I know that you can as well. Again it’s not easy. I had to be very committed to making sure I stuck to a plan, but in 10 months, 10 months,I was able to lose over 100 pounds. I went from 312 to 212 in 10 months.

At Elevation, what they are going do is give you some tools and some encouragement and some help in order to stay on a program, and with the MyPlate app, it really makes it kind of fun, so that you do have to change if you wanna lose weight. I mean you can’t continue to eat everything that you always did and lose weight and keep it off.

But that App alone helps you to be able to track those calories and maintain and stick to it. Day after day, week after week, month after month. In just 10 months I was able to lose over 100 pounds**. Now, one of the things that makes it really difficult to stay on that, you might know what you’re doing and you might see what you’re doing with that app, but our appetite fights against us.

At Elevation, you’re gonna get some help. With the desire to eat, with the appetite. Now mentally you’re still gonna have times where you think about some food and you enjoy eating certain foods in certain restaurants and certain places, that’s not gonna go away. And it’s not gonna make you sick every time you eat certain foods.

All it does is help you do what you want to do, and what you’re committed to doing. When you keep yourself busy, and that’s another thing that Elevation will help you with, will talk to you and encourage that you need to be more active in your life. You need to get more exercise and be a more active person.

And if you keep yourself busy and you’re tracking your calories when you do eat, phentermine will then help you to kinda not think about food constantly and not be thinking about that next meal. So the combination of a smart app and the phentermine and just the encouragement, and the knowledge that you can get from Elevation just helps a lot.

Being thinner is healthier and it’s well worth the effort, it’s well worth the hard work that goes into. But I was on a blood pressure medicine and I no longer have to take that medicine. I was using a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. I’m using it very little because I’m just breathing easier and better.

I still like to eat, I still love food and I still will eat too much of the wrong things at times. But I know that I have a program now that any time I need to, I know I can get that weight right back on, and that’s not simply by following the basic rules, increasing activity level, watching those calories and if I need to, I can go back on the phentermine and I’d say it helps with that appetite suppression, using all of the tools and everything that they provide for you you can do it.

I only tell you that because I did and I was one of those people that thought it’d never, ever happen. I remember so many times in my life saying, if I could just lose that weight, I believe I can keep it off, and now I get to prove that because I got it off and I’m determined to keep it off.

If I can’t do it on my own, I know that I have a program, I can go to Elevations Weight Loss and they can help me out. I know you can do it because I thought I couldn’t, but I did. You can do it too. >> Let me close by saying this, I’m proud of you. >> Well, thank you. Thank you very much.


*Dan is a patient of ours from another medical weight loss practice from January 2015-October 2015.  He had lost an average of 10 lbs a month over the course of 10 months.  Dan was placed on a calorie-restricted diet of 1600 calories a day, with a prescribed light exercise of 45-60 minutes every other day.
** Individual results may vary based on compliance to the calorie-restriction diet and adherence to the exercise regime.