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Meal Planning for Weight Loss Success

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When you decide to live a healthier lifestyle and talk to us about wanting to lose weight,   we discuss the nutritional aspect of the types of foods in order to help you choose a weight loss program to fit your goals.  We further recommend that you set a plan for your meals as a way to more easily stay on task and get to your goals.

One aspect of dieting that we would like to emphasize is setting aside a day to plan ahead for your week’s meals.   This includes getting groceries for the week (preferably) from the list of foods that we recommend), prepping the necessary items to make the meals, and cooking ALL of the food needed for the week. If you have 12 containers, you can lay it all out and partition each meal in each container.  Since we often recommend eating 2 large meals a day, you can plan ahead for the other 6 days of the week.

The 9 days meal plan that we prescribed consists of larger meal portions.  Depending on if you are taking the diet medications (phentermine, or Adipex) for weight loss, your caloric goal may be 800-1300 calories a day split into 2 large meals.  If you are on the  weight loss program, your calorie goal may be around 600 calories a day, which is also split into 2 large meals. Even at 300 calories per meal, the meal consists of a larger serving of meats (4 oz of chicken, 10 oz of vegetables, and 2 large glass of water) to keep you full since you will be eating leaner cuts of meats and fill the tank with plenty of vegetables and water.

So what does meal prepping look like? It takes effort, but you get what you put into it– in the end, it helps you get a step closer to your goal.

Have all your ingredients laid out — lots of lean meats and tons of vegetables.

Green, leafy vegetables like collard greens, turnip greens, mustard greens are low calorie and taste great.

Preparing all the asparagus and broccoli in aluminum foil for grilling.

Summer squash makes another flavorful side dish.  It will serve as a rice/potato/bread substitute.

Roasting sliced tomatoes on a pan and simmering thinly cut beef.

Setting shrimp on the skewers and have chicken tenderloins marinated and ready to grill with several lean burgers.

Shrimp and chicken take no time on the grill.

400 calorie meal


Another 400 calorie meal


This is what a 300 calories meal look like

Overall, the entire process of getting groceries, prepping food, cooking, storing, and cleaning up took 6 hours to make 14 meals for 1 person. But this small sacrifice means that you are done for the week and one step closer to being a better you.




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